ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin 100ML

ValAsta Liquid Astaxanthin 100ML

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In studies and trials, astaxanthin lowered oxidative stress in overweight and obese subjects and in smokers. It blocked oxidative DNA damage, lowered C-reactive protein (CRP) and other inflammation biomarkers, and boosted immunity in the tuberculin skin test. Astaxanthin lowered triglycerides and raised HDL-cholesterol in another trial and improved blood flow in an experimental microcirculation model. It improved cognition in a small clinical trial and boosted proliferation and differentiation of cultured nerve stem cells. In several Japanese RCTs, astaxanthin improved visual acuity and eye accommodation. It improved reproduction performance in men and reflux systems in H. pylori patients. In preliminary trials it showed promise for sports performances (soccer). In cultured cells, astaxanthin protected the mitochondria against endogenous oxygen radicals, conserved their redox (antioxidant) capacity, and enhanced their energy production efficiency. Astaxanthin's clinical success extends beyond protection against oxidative stress and inflammation, to demonstrable promise for slowing age-related functional decline. 

  • 6.4G Astaxanthin per bottle
  • 100CC per bottle
  • each pump contains 13.5MG Astaxanthin
  • slight seaweed taste
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Tapioca Caps included with purchase

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