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www.matritouch.com is a social business venture co-founded by 3 Indian mothers based in Kolkata, India. One of the founders is a mother of a cute 4 and half year old boy who has autism spectrum disorder, and was diagnosed at the age of 3 years. While the diagnosis was done at the country's premier institute, NIMHANS, Bangalore, there they couldn't suggest any remedies, other than go in for speech, occupational and other therapies. The same story continued with many other doctors around the country. The parents where very dejected when everyone told them that autism is a life long disorder, and their non-verbal child will probably remain the same through out. But the parents weren't ready to take the doctors reports at face value and therefore did vigorous research online.

Online research resulted in the parents getting to know about biomedical intervention for helping multiple kids in the autism spectrum disorder. The biomedical intervention is followed by DAN Doctors in the USA (Now known as MAPS) who believe in understanding where the deficiency is there in the body of the child and support it with adequate supplementation. The parents also came to know that certain metals, like Mercury, Aluminium, Lead etc can cause havoc with the development of the child and disrupt the healthy growth of the brain. Unfortunately, there aren't many DAN doctors in India, and the parents of the boy was able to contact the most popular DAN Doctor in India, Dr. Deepak Gupta, of CCAW in New Delhi. Under his guidance for over the last year and half, the boy has recovered substantially. Today he goes to a mainstream school, having cleared the interview process by himself, is able to talk (in small sentences) and enjoy his social life. Biomedical has been a boon for the parents, in getting their child back. Off course, along with biomedical the therapies continues, but the parents believe that biomedical supplementation and heavy metal detoxification where the game changers.

After bio-medical intervention there was testing need from the parents of special child which is not so exhustive in Indian sub-continent. And hence the parents does not have any clue how to do all these testing so that the progress of the child can be measured as they are going through the bio-medical treatment.

This site, is therefore born out of a need to help other parents who have kids on the spectrum and this site is one stop shop fror the parents of special child to get the necessary supplements and followed by testing of special child. The most important part in biomedical intervention are the supplements followed by the testing like Hair Metal Test, Organic Acid Test etc., and unfortunately, most of them are only available in the USA. The founders of www.matritouch.com therefore pledged to source the best available supplements and exhustive testing reports, anywhere in the world and make them available to parents in India so that the treatment of the autism child can happen in India smoothly. They can simply place and order and the item is shipped to them.


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