Nutritionist and Dietitian

Nutritionist and Dietitian

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Dietitian Aritra Khan

                    • Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition
                    • Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian
                    • Specialized in G.F.C.F.S.F and customized Autism Diet
                    • P.G. C. Diabetes Educator ( PROJECT HOPE) , IDF
                    • Certified Heart Failure patient Educator ( Berkeley Health, New Delhi)
                    • Specialist in Bariatric, Cardiology and Renal Nutrition.
                    • Assistant Professor and Examiner, Department of Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, KPC Medical College and Hospital.
                    • Academic Counselor ( Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) , IGNOU
                    • Research Head (R&D) Nijji and Matris Curam Pharmaceutical.
                    • Diabetic Diet Clinic (OPD In Charge) ,KPC Medical College & Hospital.


                    Dietician Aritra Khan practices more than 12 years in this field of Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition. He started his career as a Trainee Dietitian under Dr Ranjini Datta at KPC Medical College and Hospital and He was a Research Associate of HOPE project under Dr T. Chowdhury in Apollo Gleneagles Hospital.

                    He has done the specialization in Bariatric Nutrition under Dr Sarfaraz J Baig .

                    He was in New Delhi quite a long time as a Dietitian Lead of North India for a MNC pharmaceutical house.

                    He worked as a Senior Nutritionist and Heart failure patient Counselor for a MNC pharmaceutical house and also as a Mentor and Faculty of Cardiology Therapeutic Nutrition.

                    Academic Counselor ( Clinical Nutriton and Dietetics) , IGNOU .

                    He is quite a popular face of Electronic media and Columnist of Print Media .

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