DNA Methylation Pathway Profile ( US Parents Only)

DNA Methylation Pathway Profile ( US Parents Only)

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Assessing Disease Risk

The DNA Methylation Pathway Profile is a tool that enables clinicians to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can affect critical biochemical pathways like methionine metabolism, detoxification, hormone balance, and Vitamin D function. SNPs can impact disease risk, and their identification can aid in optimizing health and wellness outcomes for patients. By recommending lifestyle changes and dietary supplements, clinicians can help patients reduce the risk of developing diseases and support metabolic pathways’ optimal functioning.

MosaicDX’ s DNA Methylation Pathway Profile enables clinicians to screen their patients for SNPs that may impact the function of critical biochemical processes. Identifying these SNPs can help clinicians guide patients to make appropriate lifestyle changes and provide nutritional support to optimize health and wellness.

Turnaround Time: 5-6+ weeks

Sample Reports

The DNA Methylation Profile report aids clinical support for patients by pinpointing SNPs that could potentially impact health and disease risk.

DNA Methylation Pathway Profile Sample Test Report (Sample Report)

Test Prep and Instructions

MosaicDX offers patient-friendly sample collection kits that simplify testing. Our kits include visual, step-by-step instructions for test preparation and sample collection, personalized shipping cards, and pediatric collection bags if needed. With MosaicDX, patients can easily collect samples for testing with confidence and accuracy.

DNA Methylation Profile Sample Collection Instructions

What Patients Might Benefit from DNA Methylation Testing?

There are a number single nucleotide polymorphisms known to influence many aspects of health including:

  • Bone Health
  • Cancer Risks
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Detoxification
  • Fertility
  • Insulin Sensitivity
  • Methylation
  • Mitochondrial Function and Metabolism
  • Neurotransmitter Balance 


Why Use the DNA Methylation Pathway Profile?

The detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that may impact health and disease risk is crucial for providing effective clinical care to patients. The DNA Methylation Pathway Profile can identify various SNPs associated with many aspects of health, including insulin sensitivity, bone health, cancer risks, cardiovascular health, detoxification processes, fertility, mitochondrial function, metabolism, methylation, and neurotransmitter balance. These SNPs are DNA sequence variations that occur commonly in the general population, and they can affect protein, enzyme, or cell receptor structure and function. Identifying SNPs and their impact on health is an area of active research that has the potential to lead to more personalized medical interventions.

Interpreting SNP results can be challenging, as it can be difficult to determine the extent to which a DNA genotype is expressed phenotypically. Functional tests, along with evaluating a patient’s symptoms and responses to intervention, are essential for assessing the influence of known SNPs on the phenotype.


The DNA Methylation Profile identifies 30 SNPs that may influence health and risk for diseases:

  • ACAT – 1-02
  • AHCY – 19
  • AHCY – 1
  • AHCY – 2
  • BHMT – 1
  • BHMT – 2
  • BHMT – 4
  • BHMT – 8
  • CBS – A360A
  • CBS – C699T
  • CBS – N212N
  • COMT – 61
  • COMT – H62H
  • COMT – V158M
  • MAO A – R297R
  • MTHFR – 3
  • MTHFR – A1298C
  • MTHFR – C677T
  • MTR – A2756G
  • MTRR – 11
  • MTRR – A66G
  • MTRR – H595Y
  • MTRR – K350A
  • MTRR – R415T
  • MTRR – S257T
  • NOS – D298E
  • SHMT – C1420T
  • SUOX – S370S
  • VDR – Fok1
  • VDR – Taq1

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