Immunity Support Package for Kids - New Beginnings

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Immunity Support Package for Kids contains:

  - 1 bottle Micellized Vitamin D
  - 2 bottles Chewable Vitamin C
  - 1 bottle Liquid Zinc (ionic)

New Beginnings Nutritionals is now offering an Immunity Support Package designed for kids who prefer liquid supplements over capsules. The following products are included to provide a 2-month supply of vitamin C, an 8-month supply of vitamin D and a 3-month supply of Zinc, all of which help support a strong immune system.  Purchasing these products as a package provides a 20% discount off of retail prices. Select the links below to read more information about the following products contained in this package:

Micellized Vitamin D3 - Take 1-3 drops (not dropperfuls) per day with food

Vitamin C Chewable– Take 2- 3 tablets per day in divided doses with or without meals

Liquid Zinc (Ionic) - Take 10 drops per day AFTER a meal (to prevent stomach upset)

Suggested Dosage/Protocol: Dose according to the directions above or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner. 

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