Dr. Dib visited India

               Dr. Dib

Owner of Autism Biomedical Clinic in Beirut - Lebanon

Instructor at LEAEM in St. George Hospital University Medical Center -  Lebanon

Medical  director of HAYATI  Medical Therapeutic Nutrition Center – Riyad - KSA 

Medical Director of DANA Special Education Clinic - Bahrain 

Biomedical Consultant of the Autism and Early Intervention Association of Settat - Morocco

Biomedical Consultant for “ Red Autismo “ – San Jose Del Cabo , Mexico

Biomedical and MethylGenetic consultant For “ Cielo Clinic “ - San Jose Del Cabo , Mexico

Mentor and Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs ( MAPS ) – USA

Biomedical Lecturer for “ Generation Rescue – GR “ – USA 

Lecturer for the “ International Hyperbaric Association – IHA “ – USA

Referral Hyperbaric doctor – Divers Alert Network  ( DAN ) – USA

He is specialized in biomedical interventions for special children with autism and developmental disabilities .He has been working now for 7 years in biomedical interventions all over the world healing broken wings for children with autism , mitochondrial dysfunction , ADD , ADHD , CDD and cerebral palsy with many recovery cases worldwide . All his goal with children is to offer them a better quality of life .

For more information : https://www.facebook.com/matritouch/

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