• Dr. Joseph Dib at Kolkata FEB 2020

Dr. Joseph Dib at Kolkata FEB 2020

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Parents of children with special needs in India has an opportunity for one to one interaction with one of the top biomedical Doctor and registered medmaps- Dr Joseph Dib

Appointment Schedule is based on first come first basis. Schedule will be mailed after successful booking.

Early Bird Discount - 20 USD (Use coupon code :: FEB20)
Valid till 10th DEC'19

Date - 16th & 17th FEB (Tentative Date)

Venue -  ANR- 035, Ground Floor

                Astra Towers

                Action Area IIC, Newtown, New Town, Near Akankha More

                West Bengal 700135

Limited seats, book early 

Dr. Joseph Dib 
General Medicine 
Emergency Medicine
Hyperabaric & undersea Medicine
Biomedical Medicine
Dr. Dib is the
Owner of Autism Biomedical Clinic in Beirut - Lebanon
Instructor at LEAEM in St. George Hospital University Medical Center -  Lebanon
Medical  director of HAYATI  Medical Therapeutic Nutrition Center ? Riyad - KSA
Medical Director of DANA Special Education Clinic - Bahrain
Biomedical Consultant of the Autism and Early Intervention Association of Settat - Morocco
Biomedical Consultant for ? Red Autismo ? ? San Jose Del Cabo , Mexico
Biomedical and MethylGenetic consultant For ? Cielo Clinic ? - San Jose Del Cabo , Mexico
Mentor and Fellow of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs ( MAPS ) ? USA
Biomedical Lecturer for ? Generation Rescue ? GR ? ? USA
Lecturer for the ? International Hyperbaric Association ? IHA ? ? USA
Referral Hyperbaric doctor ? Divers Alert Network  ( DAN ) ? USA
He is specialized in biomedical interventions for special children with autism and developmental disabilities .
He has been working now for 7 years in biomedical interventions all over the world healing broken wings for children with autism , mitochondrial dysfunction , ADD , ADHD , CDD and cerebral palsy with many recovery cases worldwide . All his goal with children is to offer them a better quality of life.



:: Functional Biomedical approach ::


What is the Functional Biomedical approach?

At this point, you are probably wondering, if you aren?t already familiar with the term, exactly what is functional biomedicine?
How can it help me or my child?
In short, the definition of functional biomedicine is a branch of medical science that applies biological and other natural-science principles to clinical practice. The branch especially applies to biochemistry, biology and physiology.
We have broken our functional biomedical solutions down into 7 different steps. They are ::

1. Cleaning up the Diet and Environment and Detoxification for Heavy Metals

2. Gastro-Intestinal Issues including leaky gut, fungus, virus and parasites
3. Nutritional and Mitrochondrial  Support     including Methylation Cycle
4. Immune System Support
5. Oxidative Stress
6. Neuro Inflammation
7. DNA MethylGenetic testing.

How Functional Biomedicine can help patients with Autism and chronic illnesses?


Chronic illnesses and disorders arise from a bio-neurological condition-a weakness in the body?s biochemical and neurological development. They seem to go hand in hand and both need to be evaluated for and treated as early as possible. All individuals have these weaknesses in varying degrees.
What science has found is that there is a layer of programming over the hard gene sequence that basically turns a gene on or off. (Expressed or suppressed) .There are many documented cases of identical twins in which the genes are compared and confirmed identical ? yet one is typically developing while the other severely ill. So in the case of the twins ? though they may have the same exact genes that are undamaged, the programming that turns the child?s genes on and off is off kilter. Altered function in your DNA will cause an alteration in your biochemistry, which leads to altered human function. This is the case of autism and other chronic illnesses .


Cancellation of booking is accepted within 48 hr of booking subject to nominal deductions. In case, the interaction is cancelled due to uncertain reason, we will be liable to refund only the booking fees which is actually paid to us.

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