Elderberry Immune - Organic - 4 Ounce

Elderberry Immune - Organic - 4 Ounce

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Elderberry is a sweet tasting syrup that supports a healthy immune function.

Our kids often get lots of colds at school or daycare and bring them home and share them around the family. We need to do everything we can to help our kids by supporting their immune system.

Try our ORGANIC sweet tasting Elderberry syrup!

Use with our ENT Probiotic Plus for more immune supporting effect.

(Grown-ups can take it too, it’s ok we won’t tell.)

The elderberry plant is both anti-microbial and immune supportive. It has been given for hundreds of years during cold and flu season to support a healthy immune system. Research shows many see benefit during common colds, as elderberry has anti-viral activity.

Recommended Dosing:

1 tsp, twice a day

Here are some research studies on elderberry and children

As with all of our products, Elderberry Immune - Organic is Gluten/Dairy-Free.

Elderberry Immune – Organic is approved by Generation Rescue and Autism Hope Alliance.

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